Touch meditation for Abdominal Attunement

瞑想-MeisoTouch (Touch Meditation) for Abdominal Attunement

21 hours / 7 Sundays or 5 day Intensive
Receptive Therapeutic Touch Meditation
For beginners and professionals
Taught by Yoshi Nakano
(Instructor since 1989)

This nonverbal touch communication is derived from the metaphysical, mammalian relationship between mothers and their babies.

In this course, the basic theory and philosophy of Zen Shiatsu Touch, Breath Synchronization, and Tanden (second chakra) will be introduced. Additionally, Anpuku (abdominal attunement), Health Observation Skills and a Yin/Yang life perspective will be integrated.

We will explore the energetic capacity of each finger and nine different hand positions to support dynamic, insightful, effortless healing touch. Our studies will focus on the Receptive Maternal Hand (restoring the vital source of Qi/Ki/Prana) and the Dispersive Paternal Hand (removing Qi blockages and unwinding any body-mind disturbance to reset the autonomic nervous system).

Organic and transformative, meiso touch meditation is a refreshed and sustainable, whole-health care system that supports the mutual well-being of givers and receivers. Benefits can extend beyond to families and communities. Sessions take 20-30 minutes, and can be used as a foundation for any bodywork practice including massage and yoga therapy. This is a natural home remedy for everyone, anywhere, anytime without any special tools or products.

Our happiness depends on our guts!

*Meiso/瞑想 means Meditation in Japanese *Tanden/丹田 man’s vital center for life source